Web Building Services and Scope:

  • Specializing in basic websites rather than high-volume e-commerce sites. 
  • Do you need a website for your side gig or a passion project?
  • Do you need to provide people with information about a special interest and a pamphlet is just not enough?
  • Although passion projects usually reflect personal beliefs, please no requests for websites that are primarily political or religious. 
  • Formal academic training in building websites for educational purposes. 
  • Ten years’ experience building and maintaining websites.
  • The final result is built to the owner’s specifications for everything from color to the placement of graphics and text layouts as availability allows using existing tools offered by the webhost.
  • An example of a website I built consultatively is included below with the owner’s permission for you to visit it.
  • Basic websites normally include a home page, three to five information pages, a main menu, a contact form, a freeware Privacy Policy page, a custom header and footer, basic search engine optimization (SEO), and freeware https protocol & security certificate. 
  • I do not intentionally build cookies into websites. I do not specialize in adding marketing tools or e-commerce features to websites.



Web Building Services

by consultation

I am offering basic web building services on a consultative basis.

For more information, please read on.  Use the button below to contact me and let me know more about your present and future goals for your website.  I do not share your information. Testimonials are only shared with permission.  

Email & Phone

My expertise is creating basic, secure websites that are easy to navigate and that read well on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.  I ask that we use the web host and tools I recommend to allow for the most efficient and consistent results.

The consultative process flows as follows:  

  1. I will schedule 15 to 20 minutes to talk with you by phone and learn more about your goals.  We will also discuss the web host, tools, and features I use to stay within the fee structure listed below.  Please keep in mind that I build basic websites such as this one, with the intention that I will turn it over to you to manage.  This call is at no charge and will be our opportunity to find out if your goals and my services are a match. 
  2. If we agree on the scope, functionality, and structure of the website, the building phase can take up to one full day unless the site has complexities or extensive information that requiring more time.
  3. One hour of tutoring on basic website editing with me using the tools I use for managing your website is included, to be scheduled at a mutually agreed time. 
  4. One list of up to ten (10) basic edits made by me approximately one week after your website goes live is included.
  5. If additional building, editing, and/or tutoring are required, I will provide an estimate and a scheduled completion date for me to do the requested work at a predetermined hourly rate.
  6. The website will be yours and if your needs ultimately exceed my scope of services, your website can be further customized by another website builder at a later time. 
  7. Unless additional web building and customization that goes above and beyond the items outlined in items #1, #2, #3, and #4 above are required, the basic fee is $400.00 with a required $200.00 nonrefundable deposit, and this fee does not include your domain name registration and web hosting fees.  The web hosting account and domain name will be in your name and will by owned by you; renewals will be your responsibility.  During the initial consultation I will let you know my preferred webhost and the tools I use that are provided by the webhost.   
  8. I will make your website as secure as I can within the stated scope. For additional security or compliance review and/or updates, please see item #6 above.


Websites can become complex very quickly depending on the features you need. If you have any questions about features, please ask them during our initial consultation. Please note the “Disclaimer” section of this page. Thank you!

Email & Phone




My experience

I began learning to create websites 15 years ago in my academic training so that I could build and maintain educational websites.  I have built and maintained my own websites for over 10 years.  When a friend asked for assistance building a new website (see “Sample Website” below), I was happy to assist!  After that I began offering this service on a consultative basis.



A Kidney Angel for Trisha

You are welcome to visit https://akidneyangelfortrisha.com to view an example of my consultative work with building a website that the owner can then continually customize.  Once web hosting was set up and in place, Trisha and I invested several days of regularly scheduled sessions to arrive at a website that met her specifications.



Your own web address!

Please go ahead and think of two or three domain names, or website addresses (also called URLs).  Think of something unique to you that is easy for your website visitors to remember.  We can then talk about how you will purchase and register your domain name.



Intended for U.S.A. standards.

Websites are intended to meet standards for the U.S.A. The European Union and other parts of the world have different requirements. Visit the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for an idea of how this may look. Please note that I do not provide legal advice of any kind. As the website owner, you will be responsible for all website policies, terms, conditions, and compliance. If you claim that you do not share information, it is your responsibility not to share it. I do not intentionally build cookies into websites. I do not specialize in adding marketing tools or e-commerce features to websites.  


“I had a vision for my site, but I had no idea where to start. Not only did Ruby suggest a hosting site for my needs, but she helped me maximize my website’s potential. She taught me how to make my own edits and explained things in a clear manner. She was easy to work with and listened to my vision. We made a great team. I highly recommend her for any web services you need.”

– Trisha Studer, owner of https://akidneyangelfortrisha.com.

Online Courses

These classes are the reason I began building my own websites. 

My online Awakening Your Light Body courses are intended for six (6) or more students.  If you and your friends would like a class, contact me.  You are welcome to learn more about classes and individual consultation with emphasis on the Awakening Your Light Body course by clicking the Courses button below.

Previously I have taught Opening to Channel and Transforming Your Life With Divine Will.




Let inner transformation prompt your outer experience to synchronize with it. 






Ruby Atwood