Ruby Atwood

Ruby Atwood


Awakening Your Light Body

audio course by DaBen and Orin

As a graduate of the Awakening Your Light Body course developed by DaBen and Orin, channeled by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, I am teaching and sponsoring others in awakening their light bodies based upon my understanding of it.  My light body studies also include the Radiance: Transmitting Light Teacher’s Course and current registration qualifications to teach Awakening Your Light Body.  As a member of DaBen’s Seed Group and DaBen’s Discovery Group, I explore leading-edge light body energies deeply and apply them in my life.  It is my pleasure to facilitate classes created by DaBen and Orin online in an enrollment-based live webinar format, and it is a joy for me to utilize the online format as a way to experience the Awakening Your Light Body course with the assistance of a registered teacher.

In addition to assisting with tools and skills to take responsibility for my personal growth, I have found that awakening the light body can assist with building the following skills and qualities, among others:

Creating positive, unlimited thoughts
Quieting the mind
Setting a healing space
Experiencing uplifting, flowing energy
Emotional flow
Mental fluidity
Focused awareness
Heart awakening
Personal power
Releasing old patterns
Staying centered
Transforming the personality

Awakening my light body was an inner transformation that translated into improvements and quantum leaps in my life.  It expanded the palette of possibilities in my awareness and from which I could create meaningful changes in my life.  Not only that, the expansions that I experienced in my life were in alignment with my higher good, greater purpose, and personal growth.  My regular practice with the light body provides me with tools to gain harmony and clarity about various aspects of my life, and that translates to experiencing more harmony, clarity, purpose, and possibility in my life.  Following my path and practice with the light body in turn allows for me to live an authentic life with focused intention. 


For information specifically about taking the Awakening Your Light Body course with online support from me, please follow this link to find out about my next scheduled Awakening Your Light Body class

For an overview of all classes offered, please visit the Course Offerings page and fill out the Class Pre-Registration Form that is linked from the Awakening Your Light Body section of that page.  You may also visit the Contact page and use one of those methods of contact to let me know you are interested in learning more about studying the basic six-volume Awakening Your Light Body course by DaBen and Orin with me as your teacher or sponsor.  Likewise, I welcome you to subscribe to our newsletter to receive future email announcements about classes.  One requirement is that each student I teach or sponsor purchases the six-volume Awakening Your Light Body course from, where I am listed as a teacher of the six-volume basic Awakening Your Light Body course in Florida.


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For students taking the Awakening Your Light Body course from me who are not on record at as owning the course, I can assist with the purchase of the course after registration and prior to the first class meeting.  Classes are announced as scheduled.


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I have taken the following advanced Awakening Your Light Body courses:

Radiance: Self-Exciting
Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies
Radiance: Transmitting Light Teacher’s Course
Ceremonies of Light
Ceremonies of the Heart
Ceremonies of Initiation
Peace: Living Your Life Purpose
Higher Will: Manifesting With Ease
Joy: Expressing Beauty and Perfection of Being
Vision: Seeing and Sensing Subtle Energies
Vision: Creating Your Highest Future
Expanding Your Consciousness
Continuity of Consciousness
Radiating Consciousness
Awakening Your Light Body Expanded
Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies Expanded
Radiance: Self-Exciting Expanded
DaBen and Orin’s Intuition: Opening to Your Natural Knowingness
DaBen and Orin’s Illumination: Awakening Your Higher Mind
DaBen and Orin’s Inspiration: Being Your Authentic Self

Divine Manifesting: With Divine Will, Divine Self, and the Light Body
Light Body Consciousness Level 1
Light Body Consciousness Level 2
Light Body Consciousness Level 3
Light Body Consciousness Level 4
Light Body Consciousness Level 5
Transitions Into Balance

Exploring Connections with Light Body Consciousness
Manifesting From Light Body Consciousness
Exploring ‘You’ as a Focus of Consciousness
Discovering Other Beings and Consciousnesses
Channeling Your Guide, Discovering Connections
Channeling to ‘Converse’ with Other Sentient Beings

Channeling to Connect with Vast Consciousness
Basking in the Love, Joy, Peace of Your Creations

Discovering Your Luminous Body
Building Your Luminous Body
Redefining Connections from Your Luminous Body
Expanding Your Luminous Body
Refining Your Luminous Body

Expressing as Your Luminous Body on the Earth Plane
Accessing Greater Depths of Your Being

A New Way of Being
Dynamic, Perfect Harmony Within and Without
Creating Empowering Relationships
Exploring the Immense Scope of Your Life and the Nature of Reality

Expanding Your Role in the World
Being Luminous Light: Being
Living as Your Vast Consciousness
Being Luminous Light: Becoming Luminous Light
Becoming A Representative of Vast Consciousness
Being Luminous Light: Evolving with Peace
Evolving with Vast Consciousness
Playing the Layers of Light
Your Opening in Light
Assimilating Light
Discovering Your Light Signature
Inventing Avenues of Expression for Light
Creating Your Light Realities
Light Expressions
Living as Light, Beyond Earth Life
Living in the Light of Earth
Light Expansions
Experiencing Reality, What is It?
Mastering Experience and Senses
Light Opportunities
Consciously Flowing with Reality
Boundless and Boundaries
Boundless Light
Solidity in Flow
Luminous Creativity
Being, The Ultimate Reality
Evolving and Precipitating in Sequence

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