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Transformation Sync was founded with the idea that everybody has a unique presence that enriches all life and a lot of potential to explore for making a beneficial contribution.

“Who are we, and what do we want?”

These are questions that we don’t always have to ask, but that we sometimes feel impelled to ask, and in turn create or discover ways to answer them.  It has been my experience that we are more than we ever imagined ourselves to be. 

To me, transformation is a process of discovering and embodying more of who and what we genuinely are and can be, as aligned with a deep sense of purpose.

To me, transformation can lead to being more grounded, centered, focused, connected, and in harmony with life.  This is because in the process of discovering and embodying more of who and what we genuinely are and can be, aligned with a deep sense of purpose, we bring more harmony and beauty to our own inner connection.  Then, we are better able to extend more harmony and beauty through our connections to others and to our world.


You are more than you ever imagined yourself to be.  You are a unique presence and you have a beautiful light to shine.

Ruby Atwood

Light Body teacher, coach


To me, transformation goes beyond the concept of enlightenment as a destination, and into the limitless expansion of the experiences of both who and what you are (and can be).  It is an exploration and appreciation of oneself and one’s singular, unique connection to all of life.  In this sense, it is about experiencing the truth of one’s own existence in a conscious, loving way that I describe as spirituality.

My path of transformation is my path of peace.  To me, transformation is a path of spiritual self-discovery, or realizing more of one’s own innate wonder.  It is a dynamic, ever-changing path that transcends traditions and beliefs, focusing primarily on the beauty and richness of each moment.

My answer to the question, “Who am I, and what do I want?” goes something like this:

“I’m a being of light, always discovering more of who I am. I want a loving, harmonious life, and to contribute to a loving, harmonious, inclusive world, and it is my intention to create and contribute to this.”  – Ruby


Transformation Sync offers online classes and coaching for learning advanced meditation skills.

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