Monthly Channeling Meeting


Starting October 4, 2020 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time (4:00 PM Pacific Time), Transformation Sync is offering a monthly one-hour channeled message and Q&A session with channel and teacher Ruby Atwood.  These meetings are to take place the first Sunday of each month via Zoom Conferencing. 

For the first segment of the meeting, I will channel my guide, Annael, a loving being a light.  There will be a Q&A segment afterward.   

The focus of these meetings is spiritual growth, and topics are offered in the context of spiritual growth.  The intention of the meetings is to expand potential and open energy for spiritual growth.   

This post last updated September 21, 2020.   



Ruby Atwood

The cost for attendance is $35.00 USD, nonrefundable.  A downloadable digital recording of the meeting will be made available to registered participants for several days after each meeting.  


To pre-register, please use the “Pre-Registration” button below and allow two business days for a response. 
To hear a sample work by Annael, click the “Guided Meditation” button. An audio track will open in SoundCloud.



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