Awakening Your Light Body Online Class: Updated to Thursdays.

Blog post updated October 5, 2020:

Transformation Sync is offering an online class in discussion group format for the Awakening Your Light Body audio course by DaBen and Orin, channeled by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman.  The class meetings take place online via twelve one-hour Zoom conference calls that meet on a biweekly basis starting Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.* 
*Due to feedback about schedules, the day of the week for the regular meeting was updated from Wednesdays to Thursdays at 7:00PM Eastern Time.  Classes are recorded for students, so it’s okay to register and start the class up until the second meeting on or before October 22, 2020.  Please contact us if there is a question regarding times.  

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Why Awaken Your Light Body?


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This class is presented in a blended format with four ways to participate:

  • following a weekly class schedule,
  • attending biweekly video conference calls over a span of twenty-four weeks,
  • regularly listening to the guided meditations (3 to 5 times per week) from the audio course according to the class schedule while also experiencing being sponsored by a teacher, and
  • reading the written course materials that accompany the audio course and keeping a journal about the experience.

Please note:  There is no need to purchase the audio in advance of registration if registering for this online class through Transformation Sync.  If you have previously created an account at, received an order, or received a newsletter from LuminEssence at any time since 1989, please complete the Pre-Registration Form on this website and do not create a second account.  After registering for this online class with Transformation Sync, you will be provided instructions to create your free membership at the LuminEssence website, if you do not already have an account there.  After registration and payment for this online class are received, the professionally produced Awakening Your Light Body audio course with written materials will become available to you in your Members Area at for unlimited download and streaming within several days prior to the class start date.

This online course offering is intended for students who intend to take this class based on U.S.A. teaching requirements, specifically requiring ownership of the 6-volume Awakening Your Light Body course.  For a listing of Light Body teachers worldwide, please visit the Light Body Teacher’s List at

Your personal information is confidential and it is only used to facilitate your access to course materials from LuminEssence, to email you invoice-related information, and to email you information necessary for joining the Transformation Sync conference calls. You may also receive a future newsletter from LuminEssence.  

For more information about this and other Transformation Sync online course offerings, please visit our Course Offerings page or view the pricing options listed below.


Class Cost and Payment Options

Owning the six-volume Awakening Your Light Body audio course by DaBen and Orin is a requirement for participation in this class, as designated by the creators of the course.  Owning the course is a rewarding experience, and we offer payment options for owning the six-volume course and taking this class, as outlined below.  Please Contact Us with any questions not covered on this page or through the links/buttons on this page.

This class is scheduled to meet on a biweekly basis from October 8, 2020 until March 11, 2021.  Class begins Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.  The twelve class meetings take place every other Thursday at 7:00 PM Eastern via Zoom Conferencing.

If you do not already own the 6-volume Awakening Your Light Body audio course materials:

  • You may pay for the entire class up front and receive all 6 volumes of course materials in downloadable format before class begins. The price includes audio course downloads normally priced at $494.00 if purchased independently of this online class, plus 12 online class meetings that last 50 minutes to 1 hour each via Zoom Conferencing, 
  • Or you may pay as you go for participation in the class per each volume when purchased one volume at a time, approximately on a monthly basis. The volumes must be purchased consecutively. It is your choice to continue: there is no obligation to continue with the next volume or take the rest of the course through Transformation Sync after starting in this way, although a commitment to complete the course is of great benefit to your progress. 


Awakening Your Light Body audio course

By DaBen and Orin, channeled by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman

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Jeanette Montgomery


If you are already on record with LuminEssence ( as owning the 6-volume Awakening Your Light Body audio course:

  • You may make a one-time payment to participate in the 12 biweekly online class meetings.

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